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Inspiration for Art Lessons for ages 5-11 ---------------------

(via THe ARt Cart)

You give the children a sheet of paper and a pencil. My classes can’t use an eraser, so it’s more exciting! You tell the parts of the story one by one, just like you would do if you were dictating a sentence to them. 1) A needle is sticking through my sheet of paper.
2) There’s a thread in the eye of the needle
3) The thread becomes a shower head.
4) There is water coming out of the shower head
5) The water is dripping on a flower in a flowerpot.
6) A spider is sitting on the flowerpot.
7) The spider’s making a thread.
8) That thread becomes the tail of a mouse.
9) The mouse is eating Swiss cheese.
10) There’s a fork in the Swiss cheese.
11 There is spaghetti curling around the fork.
12) The spaghetti goes through the eye of the needle. The children can finish with colored pencils or markers. The results always amaze me.
This is a short project! It can be used if you have 15 minutes to spare somewhere.

Art lessons from Belgium

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